We would like to thank all of our loyal clients for your continued patronage. Your unwavering confidence in us and our services is the motivational force that inspires our commitment to excellence.

"Dealing with the FDA has always been the most challenging part of my business. With Soo Hoo I always get the answers I need in a timely and professional manner."

— Peter Lin, NA Trading

"I was referred to Soo Hoo by a friend when I needed to bring my show car into the US for a few months. This process has been difficult in the past, but switching to Soo Hoo made the difference. Soo Hoo's staff was able to facilitate the process, anticipating all the problems in advance. I have referred several colleagues since, and will continue to retain their services in the future. All in all a top-notch group that can anticipate problems and head them off before they even come up. Thank you to the whole group!"

— Al Chase, Benton West

"Sometimes I think they perform miracles with Customs!"

— Oriental Foodbank

"My freight is always released before it arrives. I can't get this service from other brokers, believe me!"

— Christina Chen, UA Trading

"When I call them for status, they always know exactly what is happening with my shipments."

— Barry Taylor, Barry W. Taylor Enterprises

"If I need an answer to any question, someone always calls me back right away. And, they are always courteous and pleasant on the phone."

— Eric Vang, Dos Cuadras Offshore Resources

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