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If you need your newly purchased vehicle brought to you from Europe, or Canada, we can help.

Our international broker and international freight-forwarder alliances are strong and we will connect you with the best. Our international resources will manage the entire logistical process overseas, getting your vehicle from its origin to its destination - PAIN FREE.

We will guide you through the process and make sure you know what is happening with your vehicle from start to finish, whether an ocean or border crossing.

Many import/export shipping companies don't have the customer service to make you feel comfortable in your transaction. We TOP the market in customer service and tracking.

We will also do your United States brokerage and get your vehicle cleared with Customs AT ANY PORT.

We are not the cheapest but we are extremely competitive. You pay for our service and your comfort. We work with those who love their vehicles. Once you give us your business, we treat the vehicle as if it were our own.

Work with us, and importing your vehicle from any Europe or Canada, will be EASY.

Give us a call and we will email you all the instructions and forms needed to start the process.

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