A Cut Above The Rest

Soo Hoo Customs Broker’s services expand to the Entertainment and Exhibition industries. We are proud to rival the two companies that have traditionally held the market in these two areas, and we feel we have a strong advantage: Our Entertainment & Exhibit team is managed by Gustav (Gus) Heningburg II who offers over 25 years of international touring in the sports and entertainment arenas. Gus and his expert team provide hands-on, no excuses management and execution that are the perfect complement to the Soo Hoo style of getting business done right the first time. Given your specifications, we can breakdown and set up music tours, exhibits and trade shows, nationally and internationally.

Specialized Expertise

Our specialized team is awaiting your call. You can expect expertise in handling your time-sensitive shipments as we work with your specific requirements. Our international network of logistics specialists is on-call to get your gear where it needs to go, when you need it to get there.

The Art of Carnets

The use of Carnets is critical for the ease of movement throughout the world for your traveling tour or temporary exhibition. It allows your music equipment, photo shoot garments, or crates of display materials to cross international borders and arrive without incident. Our Entertainment and Exhibit team can quickly generate this specialized transportation including entry documents, as a single transaction or as part of your larger multi-event exhibit. Many of our clients started working with us under great stress because they were stuck in a situation our competitors either didn’t have the time, knowledge and/or connections to solve. The Soo Hoo Customs Broker team is proactive and exhibits extreme grace under pressure…not to mention…we find a solution for almost every customs issue.

Transportation That Delivers

Local transportation services at each destination arranged by Soo Hoo Customs Broker will be standing by ready for you. At each station of your stop, whether it is one round-trip or a multi-stop show, we have the resources to transport your goods safely and on time. Oversized cargo handling, air-ride services, fleets and GPS tracking are all at your disposal.

World Travel Made Easy

We can arrange air travel for your cargo or chartered flights for your crew. Without question, no excuses, we can make it happen!

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